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All Soaps $5 ea.

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Skincare Products

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taller de jabÓn presencial e individualizado

Taller de saponificaciÓn en frÍo, formulaciÓn.

taller de jabon beginner , intermedio Avanzado.PNG

Manual Digital de jabón saponificación en frío Básico

Relaxing in Pool
Cocoa body Mousse.jpg

Body Mousse skincare before bedtime

This product is a must have and it came to stay. This is our Cocoa Butter Body Mousse, It's perfect for use after bath before bedtime. Repair your skin while sleeping and fight after sun skin damage.

Qi Xi Soap Studio 18th years of an amazing journey

Qi Xi Soap Studio is a Company dedicated to the manufacture, retail and wholesale of natural and sustainable skincare products. Founded since 2006 in Puerto Rico by, Roxana Rodríguez, Roxy. Today we are celebrating our goals and the Joy of accomplishment of eighteen years in the soap making Industries with you. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! for being part of this exciting JOURNEY!!

Roxy foto 2.jpg

Stay Gold

Roxy, Carolina Puerto Rico

Qi Xi

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