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A story of freshness

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Meet Roxy

Qi Xi Soap Studio is a Company dedicated to the manufacture, retail and wholesale of natural and sustainable skincare products, founded since 2006 in Puerto Rico by, Roxana Rodríguez (Roxy) She created Qi Xi Soap Studio due to a severe complication of psoriasis on the skin. She developed due to strong synthetic drugs prescribed to her due to generalized anxiety condition with panic attacks at an early age.


"Looking for natural alternatives, and because of it, I came across my first courses in artisan and natural soap. Not much after my first course, I started feeling passionate about this art and vocation, and I quickly  knew that THIS IS  what I want to do for the rest of my life. I found the perfect formula to heal my skin, my spirit and my mind. I decided to share my knowledge with the whole world!!"

Roxy as well-educated woman; she has a bachelor's degreed in Business Administration. Also she obtain her saponification license from "Fomento Industrial" of Puerto Rico. She is a Certified Aromatherapist, and has completed various business boot camps to be up to date. 

She set up this business from scratch. In her shop, she offers courses in the formulation of natural and artisan soap. It is there where she sells her gorgeous natural products with luxury and professionalism. 

Her goal is to undertake as a businesswoman and promote Puertorrican crafts' economy through Qi Xi Soap Studio.

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